A new paper in Nature Communications has just been published on local adaptation and climate change in the bank vole in Great Britian.  Congratulations to Silvia, Petr and colleagues!


Congratulations to Dr. Matt Wersebe!

Matt Wersebe (l.) and Larry Weider attending the Dodge Family College of Arts & Sciences reception for doctoral candidates – 12 May 2023
Matt Wersebe receiving his doctoral hood from Larry Weider – OU Commencement 2023

Congratulations to Alisha Hemani!

Alisha Hemani, who conducted Honors Research in our lab, was a recipient of a 2023 Outstanding Senior Student Award.  Congratulations Alisha and all the best as you start at OU Medical School in August.

Alisha Hemani is a recipient of a 2023 Outstanding Senior Student Award from the Dept. of Biology. L.J. Weider served as her faculty mentor.

Daphnia-inspired Haikus

In honor of International Haiku Poetry Day 2023 (April 17th), here are several Daphnia-inspired haikus.  (Authors listed in parentheses.)

A Daphnia mother releasing two offspring. (A photo gift from P.D. Jeyasingh.)

Daphnia are cute.

Fish eat Daphnia a lot!

Poor, poor Daphnia.

(L.J. Weider)


Gift of a hand-painted water color drawing of Daphnia
(from Emily L. Kiehnau)

Swim away from fish.

Hop around and filter feed.


(D. Herrman)


A daphniid studying its diet of phytoplankton (water color by Brittany Benson). (A gift from N. Zehrbach).

Give extra credit,

For a Daphnia haiku,

Get happy students. 

(N. Zehrbach)

He did it!! Congratulations on your successful Ph.D. defense!

We want to congratulate Matt Wersebe on the successful defense of his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “AN INTEGRATIVE ECOLOGICAL AND EVOLUTIONARY GENOMIC STUDY OF LAKE DAPHNIA ACROSS TIME”.  This was a great deal of hard work, but you have produced an excellent body of work.  You will be sorely missed in the lab, but we look forward to future collaborations, as you venture out to pursue future professional opportunities.

Matt Wersebe presenting his research during his Ph.D. defense (6 March 2023)

Matt celebrating after his successful Ph.D. dissertation defense.

Congratulations to Alisha Hemani!

We are happy to announce that Alisha Hemani has successfully defended her Honors Thesis entitled “Salinity Tolerance and the Combined Effects of Salinity and Food Quantity on Daphnia Life Histories”. 

We will miss Alisha in the lab, but look forward to keeping in touch with her, as she starts her medical school career in summer 2023.  All the best, Alisha!

Congratulations to Matt Wersebe!

We are excited to announce that Matt’s third chapter of his doctoral dissertation has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Wersebe, M.J. and L.J. Weider. 2023. Resurrection genomics provides molecular and phenotypic evidence of rapid adaptation to salinization in a keystone aquatic species. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. Link

Congratulations Matt!