Technical Reports

Technical Reports:

U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTER). 2007. The Decadal Plan for LTER: Integrative Science for Society and the Environment: LTER Network Office Publication Series No. 24, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 154 pages. (Note: I was part of the LTER Governance Working Group – Zimmerman, A.S., N. Bos, D.L. Childers, C.L. Crenshaw, P.M. Groffman, K.A. Lawrence, J.J. Magnuson, S. Shapiro, L.J. Weider, and R.B. Waide; pp 109-118 of the report).

Weider, L.J. and R.E. Broughton. 2001. Stock identification of striped bass in Lake Texoma using molecular markers. Report to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, 24 p.

Weider, L. J., R. G. Danzmann, M. H. Murdoch, and P. D. N. Hebert. 1989. Impact of trace organics on mutation rates in aquatic organisms: mitochondrial DNA variability in brown bullheads (Ictalurus nebulosus) resident in the Huron-Erie corridor.  Report to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 28 p.