A hearty Big Congrats to Matt!

Matt Wersebe just received wonderful news that he has been awarded a Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund Grant from the American Museum of Natural History to help fund part of his dissertation work.  His project title is: “Reverse Ecology in the Urban Lake-scape: Understanding Secondary Salinization at the Genomic Level”.  Great job, Matt!

Congratulations to Matt Wersebe!

Congratulations to Matt Wersebe on successfully completing his General Exams and officially becoming a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biology here at OU.   Keep up the great work, Matt!

Welcome to the Weider Lab Fall 2020 Photo Shoot

Weider Lab Fall 2020 – L-R: Tara Curb, Emily Kiehnau, Kaylee Gibbons, L.J. Weider, Asa Candler, Matt Wersebe – properly attired with Daphnia-themed face masks
Weider Lab Fall 2020: Clockwise from top (L.J. Weider, Asa Candler, Matt Wersebe, Kaylee Gibbons, Tara Curb, Emily Kiehnau) – socially-distanced on the steps of Sutton Hall

New publication just out in Molecular Ecology

The results of a collaborative project lead by our Czech/Slovak colleagues, Silvia Markova and Petr Kotlik (Czech Academy of Sciences), which examined the phylogeography/phylogenomics of the bank vole (Myodes glareolus) across Europe, has appeared in the May 2020 issue of Molecular Ecology

Much of the final stages of this work were conducted during Silvia’s and Petr’s sabbatical visit to our lab in 2018.  Congratulations to Silvia and Petr for their hard work in getting this impressive study published!

Congratulations to Matt Wersebe!

Congratulations go out to Matt Wersebe for being awarded grant support from the OU Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and the OU Graduate College Robberson Grants Program to help fund his on-going doctoral work.  Matt has been examining the impacts of man-induced salinization (i.e., road salt input) of freshwaters systems in the Twin Cities of MN on the population genetics/genomics of our favorite model organism, Daphnia.  This funding will help Matt proceed with DNA extraction and DNA sequencing this coming year.  Great job, Matt!

Matt Wersebe sampling Lake Calhoun (Minneapolis, MN) from canoes (July 2019).