Daphnia Art

Here is a collection of Daphnia art that I have received over the years.  I want to thank everyone for their kind gifts.


Hand-painted water color drawing of Daphnia
(A gift from Emily L. Kiehnau)


A Daphnia-themed wine glass received as a gift from Silvia Markova and Petr Kotlik.


Poster of common members of the Entomostraca Рbottom right shows our favorite organism, Daphnia. A gift from N. Zehrbach.


Daphnia coffee mug (A gift from A. Woolley.)


Latest “fashion statement” for our lab in these troubling times of COVID-19


A gift of needlepoint art – Daphnia “mama” from Aime’e Yousey!


A daphniid studying its diet of phytoplankton (water color by Brittany Benson). (A gift from N. Zehrbach).


Metal sculptures of Daphnia. (Artist: Geoff Carpenter; a gift from N. Zehrbach).


A Daphnia mother releasing two offspring. (A photo gift from P.D. Jeyasingh.)


Terra cotta Daphnia in a water droplet. (A gift from G. Wyngaard.)


Glass etching of Daphnia.
(A gift from G. Wyngaard)


A Daphnia key ring.
(A gift from N. Zehrbach.)