OU Graduation 2018

Congratulations to all of our graduate and undergraduate students who received their degrees this year!  Best wishes to all!

OU Commencement 2018 – Doctoral Candidates & Advisors: L-R: KD Hambright, T Hallidayschult, LJ Weider, R Hartnett, CC Vaughn, B Tweedy, R Broughton, A. Guruacharya
LJ Weider (left) congratulates Ronak Tapiavala for receiving recognition as an Outstanding Biology Undergraduate in the Class of 2018


L-R: Brent Tweedy, Caryn Vaughn, Larry Weider, Rachel Hartnett: Caryn and Larry hold their “Best Lotic” and “Best Lentic” Advisor awards from Brent and Rachel, respectively.

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