Robberson Scholarship to Matt Wersebe! Congratulations!

The University of Oklahoma Graduate College has just awarded Matt Wersebe with a Robberson Scholarship to help support his dissertation work on the effects of salinization (i.e., road salts) of lakes as an environmental stressor impacting the life-history of the freshwater zooplankter, Daphnia pulicaria.  Wonderful job, Matt.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Matt Wersebe!

Congratulations to Matt Wersebe on the publication of research that he conducted as part of his undergraduate “Advanced Studies” degree thesis (i.e., B.S. Honors Degree) from SUNY-Binghamton, which just appeared on-line in Chemosphere.  Matt served as co-first author.  Great job Matt!

Congratulations to Ritu Kulkarni!

Congratulations to Ritu Kulkarni who successfully defended her Honors Thesis entitled “The Effects of Food Quality and Predator Kairomones on Parental and Hybrid Members of the Daphnia pulex complex”. Great job, Ritu!

Ritu Kulkarni – Honors B.S. (Microbiology)

Thanks to the OU Research Council for FIP support!

We thank the OU Research Council for funding our Faculty Investment Program (FIP) grant application for 2018-2019.  The project title is “Using Daphnia Resurrection Ecology to Understand Environmental Impacts of Nutrient Pollution”.   This funding will provide GRA support to gather additional critical data to enhance the chances of securing extramural funding via a planned grant resubmission to the National Science Foundation (NSF).

OU Graduation 2018

Congratulations to all of our graduate and undergraduate students who received their degrees this year!  Best wishes to all!

OU Commencement 2018 – Doctoral Candidates & Advisors: L-R: KD Hambright, T Hallidayschult, LJ Weider, R Hartnett, CC Vaughn, B Tweedy, R Broughton, A. Guruacharya
LJ Weider (left) congratulates Ronak Tapiavala for receiving recognition as an Outstanding Biology Undergraduate in the Class of 2018


L-R: Brent Tweedy, Caryn Vaughn, Larry Weider, Rachel Hartnett: Caryn and Larry hold their “Best Lotic” and “Best Lentic” Advisor awards from Brent and Rachel, respectively.

Thanks to CAS for Summer Funding!

We want to thank the OU College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) for funding our Senior Faculty Summer Fellowship (SFSF) proposal, entitled “Using Daphnia resurrection ecology to understand environmental impacts of nutrient pollution”.  This support will fund a summer Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position and a summer Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA), as we push forward on our use of Daphnia as an important environmental “sentinel” organism.