A successful OU BIO EXPO yesterday!

Our lab group was one of many Biology Department labs that participated in the 1st annual OU BIO EXPO held in the Beaird Lounge of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.   We want to thank the dedicated staff of the Dept. of Biology for organizing such a great outreach event!

Matt Wersebe, Kaylee Gibbons and Juliet Agadagba show interested students the type of work we do in our lab at the OU BIO EXPO – 7 Nov. 2019.
Juliet Agadagba shows off the Weider Lab Poster at the OU BIO EXPO – 7 Nov. 2019

2019 ESA Simberloff Award to Emily Kiehnau!



We want to share some exciting news from Emily Kiehnau. She just received word that she is the recipient of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) Invasion Section’s 2019 Simberloff Award for Outstanding Student Presentation (oral presentation) at the 2019 meeting, which was held last month in Louisville. She presented results from her 2nd Chapter of her dissertation (entitled “Morphological changes of native Daphnia species in response to the invasive predator Bythotrephes longimanus“).  Please join us in congratulating Emily on a job well done!

Welcome to all the new members of the lab!

We would like to welcome our new lab members, Juliet Agadagba, Kaylee Gibbons, and Amber Woolley, who will all be conducting Independent Research in our lab, this academic year!

Weider Lab Fall 2019: (l-r) Emily Kiehnau, Larry Weider, Matt Wersebe, Amber Woolley, Kaylee Gibbons, Ekene Nwakoby, Juliet Agadagba


Weider Lab Fall 2019 -“worshiping” the mighty water flea – Daphnia

Congratulations to Rachel Hartnett!

Former lab member/doctoral student, Dr. Rachel Hartnett has published a paper in Royal Society Open Science entitled “Variation in life-history traits among Daphnia and its relationship to species-level responses to phosphorus limitation”.  This represents a portion of her dissertation (“Theoretical and empirical studies on hierarchical effects of size distributions: Linking the individual to its community”).  Please visit Rachel’s website  for more information about her current research projects.  Congratulations again, Rachel!

Fun with mud in Minnesota!

We just returned from an intense week of sediment core sampling of lakes around the Twin Cities (MN) region, as part of the dissertation research of Matt Wersebe.  Now, the fun begins with analyzing all of the mud samples.  We thank our collaborator/colleague Dr. Mark Edlund for his kind hospitality during our stay at the St. Croix Watershed Research Station (Science Museum of Minnesota).

Sediment core sampling on White Bear Lake, MN; Matt Wersebe (l) and Mark Edlund (St. Croix Watershed Research Station) hold up a sediment core taken from a water depth of ~80 feet. Note: the color transition from black (top) to gray (bottom) representing post- and pre-colonization time periods (time horizon transition is ca. 1850).
Matt Wersebe setting up a sediment core for extrusion at the St. Croix Watershed Research Station (July 2019).

Another successful academic year comes to an end!


Weider Lab Lunch – end of Spring semester 2019: L-R (Brandon Day, Matt Wersebe, Emily Kiehnau, Kristina Floyd, Ekene Nwakoby, Larry Weider)


Congratulations to our lab graduates, Brandon Day and Kristina Floyd, who each received special recognition as Department of Biology Outstanding Graduating Seniors!  Well done, guys!

OU Dept of Biology Spring Tribute to our Graduates. Larry Weider congratulates Kristina Floyd on receiving a Dept. of Biology Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Another successful OK Science Fest outing!

Just wanted to thank everyone again for their hard work at the 2019 OK Science Fest yesterday at the State Fairgrounds in OKC.  I think our “Life-in-a-Pond” live display, along with the “Predator-Prey Game-of-Tag”, was a resounding success (see the Outreach Page for more photos).

OK Science Fest 2019 Crew (OU-OSU team)
Back (l-r): Larry Weider, Rachel Hartnett, Emily Kiehnau, Tyler Johnson; Front (l-r): Ryan Sherman, Rebecca Prather

A Big Thank You!

A big thank you goes out to colleagues in the Dept. of Biology, the College of Art & Sciences Dean’s Office, Office of the Provost, OU Faculty Awards Committee, President’s Office and OU Board of Regents for conferring a 2019 Regents’ Award for Superior Teaching to L.J. Weider.  This is truly a wonderful honor.  Many thanks!

2019 OU Faculty Tribute Ceremony (l-r; J.P. Masly, Larry Weider, Rich Broughton)
OU Tribute to the Faculty Spring 2019: L.J. Weider receives an OU Regents’ Award for Superior Teaching from OU President Jim Gallogly (L) and OU Provost and Senior VP Kyle Harper (R)

Great job Ritu!

Ritu Kulkarni (center) at OU Undergraduate Research Day April 6, 2019 with her parents.

Ritu Kulkarni presented the results of her Honors Thesis (“The effects of food quality and predator kairomones on parental and hybrid members of the Daphnia pulex complex”) at the Annual OU Undergraduate Research Day.  Great job, Ritu!